Me and my girlfriend have recently discovered the thrill of sex in public. It happened by accident, we were on our way back from a bar to our hotel whilst we were on holiday in Queensland and what with the holiday air and the drinks making us a little tipsy, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

The path back to the hotel took us close to the sea front and as we got close to the sands I took my girls hand and led her onto the now deserted beach. The passion got too much for us and within minutes we were both naked and having sex in public, the thought of getting caught making us ever more passionate. We both came and as we returned to our hotel, the sex continued for what felt like all night.

The next night it happened again, but this time we stayed closer to the path, whether this was because we were both too horny to get too far or the fact that getting caught during our alfresco sex made it all the more exciting. The rest of the holiday continued very much on that theme, our sex adventures in public becoming more and more daring and a daily occurrence.

On the plane journey home we agreed that it was very much a holiday thing and we would go back to our normal, yet active sex life, with outdoor sex very much off the menu.

That was until a week later, we went into Melbourne shopping, with her buying some sexy lingerie and us having a large glass of wine with our lunch, we both once again felt the urge for the thrill of sex in public. We chose a dingy lane way, not exactly the most romantic of settings but it was the start of our sex in public in the city that shows no sign of abating!

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