I’ve always had a thing for younger men. I can recall my first encounter in college when I was a senior and my then boyfriend was only 18. It was incredibly hot. Now that I’m an older woman, and been labelled as a MILF by several people, I’ve kept that fantasy alive.

Take Johnny, the temp who works at my office, for example. Poor kid has no idea how gorgeous he is. His tight firm body and bulging muscles get me wet every time I see him. God, he is so incredible. I remember the first time he brought me coffee at the office. He was wearing a perfectly tailored blue suit without the sports jacket, and a tight pair of light coloured trousers. I couldn’t help but bite my lip and breathe deeply while I watched him walk away. His ass was like something out of Magic Mike. Later that day, Johnny caught me staring at him again and suggested we have a private ‘meeting’ of our own. I shoved him into a spare office room and pushed him down onto the desk and had my way with him. It was fantastic. I miss that. I miss how it felt to be desired by a younger man who fully appreciated my body.


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I also remember the first time I had an orgasm while thinking about him. I was in the bath feeling unusually sensual, and I couldn’t help but let my mind wander into a sexual fantasy that involved his cock in my mouth. As I thought of his swollen dick I began to trace the outside of my pussy with my index finger. I teased it, swiping up the middle in between my lips and briefly slipping my finger just inside long enough to get even wetter. I imagined Johnny’s finger there instead of my own.

I could see him standing there next to the tub as if he was there in the flesh, naked and completely exposed. In my dream he knelt down beside me and kissed my lips with his own, like he had during our one-time sex-capade. His crystal clear blue eyes gazed down at my mature body soaking it all in.

To heat things up, he would head to my bathroom sink drawer and pull out my favourite sex toy, a dildo that mimicked his own size and shape. At first he would tease my mouth with the sex toy, forcing me to suck and kiss it. The thought of it make me wetter still. I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to have something inside of me. Something to hopefully satisfy my hunger for Johnny’s young, sexy body. I reached for my waterproof dildo and vibrator.

As I envisioned Johnny’s firm body straddling me I plunged the sex toy inside of my tight wet pussy. One stroke was enough to make my whole body shake. I moaned in ecstasy, “oh Johnny, yes, yes, yes.” I was getting close to exploding. I imagined Johnny’s dick inside of me forcing my pussy to the edge and back again with every single stroke. I used the dildo to push my masturbation session to the climatic finish line.

Johnny was amazing in bed, and as I approached my solo orgasm I felt like he was inside of me once again teasing me by pulling his cock out and forcing me to beg him to put it inside again. I couldn’t take it any longer. I exploded with the full force of my entire power, thinking about Johnny’s hard dick penetrating me. It was glorious in every sense of the word just as was during that fleeting moment we had shared. I was completely limp. From head to toe I was basking in the afterglow of an incredible orgasm fuelled by Johnny’s young perfectly sculpted body and he had no idea.