It all started innocently enough.....

..a nice cool drink outside on a hot summers day.

Cool Drink on a Hot Summers Day

I decided to tease Tom with an ice cube

after all it was the first anniversary of us meeting back in Sydney. A day full of excitement and passion.

Tease Tom with Ice Cube

We were only meant to be lovers

but you know how it is when two people click sexually – you just want more and more.


It was Toms Turn to Tease

…he knows how I love the sensation of ice on my erect nipples.

Toms Turn to Tease

Tom pulled down my top

I just giggled like a little girl as he dripped icy cold water onto my breast.

Ice on Nipple

Unable to Resist Temptation

Tom quickly removed my top, made me stand and while licking from my breasts down to my waist deftly removing my skirt.

Unable to Resist Temptation

Tom Skillfully Aroused My Senses

He laid me on the table and worked his way down my body with his warm tongue and an ice cube. I was in seventh heaven.


Tom removed my G String.......

….and pushed the ice cube gently into the open lips of my pussy with his hot mouth.

Ice in Pussy

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