Following a few simple rules will allow you to get the most out of your casual relationships. Sometimes one party can become overly attached in no-strings relationships (which is not what you want) when all you are looking for is a CASUAL fuck buddy.

  • Ensure you make it clear that all you are after is sex. If you state your intentions and what you see in the relationship, there is no room for your partner to interpret things differently
  • No texting or calling your fuck buddies for meetings other than sex. If you start getting good night texts or calls letting you know what they are up to, maybe things are getting a bit more serious from their perspective
  • Do not go on dates like a committed couple. That means NO walks in the park, NO movies and NO romantic dinners together. Limit your meet-ups to sex and fooling around – that’s it!
  • Do not ask what your fuck buddy is up to when they are not with you – this is not only none of your business but it can lead to possessiveness and  jealousy which is not needed when things want to be kept casual!

Follow these easy rules with your sex partner to stop things going from no-strings to serious, quickly.
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