What is Dogging? – The term dogging is said to have originated in the UK and is thought to relate to members of the public walking their dogs, secretly watching couples have sex in public places such a remote car parks. This has morphed into a much larger scene where exhibitionist couples invite others to join the fun.

Dogging has become very popular in the UK and the concept has now spread around the world including Australia. There are now many “dogging” locations or “dogging” spots around the country.

With everyone using smart phones it has become much easier to find dogging contacts to learn about locations.

Many members of Fuck Buddies Australia are confirmed dogging fans making it easy to seek out like minded contacts in their areas.

If you want to try out dogging make sure that you stay safe and follow a few rules of etiquette.

  • Always practice safe sex, use a condom.
  • Use a nick name not your real name.
  • Make sure that you know the location and access points, both in and out.
  • Ladies always make sure that you are accompanied by a male partner.
  • If invited, politely watch and wait for a signal to participate.
  • No means No!

Stay safe and have fun.


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